MT Millar title

This new range of workstations hides all those unsightly cables from desktop to floor in a innovative design.





Rollo cart title

Our Rollo Cart comes with a slightly softer profile than other carts with a tambour door and large cable management. Perfect for all types of electronic equipment.

Rollo cart New prod image


Gas height adjustable cart title New Prod

For variable working positions on the go, this gas height adjustable cart is easily adjustable via a side paddle.

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Dachas Advanced is a single to triple step down console with increased rear section depth




NEW cup holder accessories made custom for workstations

  Cup holder

Cup holder red insert



TOP FRAME is the NEW power & data supply solution for conference environments.


Bachmann power UK





acm ISO 9001 registered - UKAS













































































2933 (GA) -01 DESK IN v2

2933 (GA) -01 DESK OUT v2