conference title

Practical power & data supply. When not in use, it can be hidden in the top of the desk or table. When power supply is needed, simply press down to release the magnetic catch & the opening flap swings up.



coni title

CONI brings flexibility to the desktop. It allows unrestricted access to power & data at the table or desk. It becomes integrated into the work surface together with connected cables & minimal installation depth means there is no reduction in leg room under the workspace. Simply open & close the cover for easy access.

coni1_02              coni2_02



power frame

POWER FRAME brings an easily accessible unit for supplying electricity to work surfaces. The compact solution for an integrated power & data supply to workstations. Offers versatile application options. The power strip simply clicks into the built-in frame.




top frame

TOP FRAME is the new power & data supply solution for conference environments. The cover can be simply recessed, enabling power & data to be conveniently accessed from any seat around the desk or table. The balanced geometry of TOP FRAME fits elegantly into the desk or table surface. Simply press lightly to open & close.





Elevator title

ELEVATOR fits perfectly in any working environment. Designed for a standard hole diameter of 79mm, ELEVATOR is a compact powerhouse. Hidden in the top of the work surface when not in use & very easy touch to raise. Two versions are available – with three socket outlets or with one socket outlet and two data connections.




Desk 1 title

DESK is the ideal solution for data, media & power management wherever workstations need to be flexible, such as meeting rooms, home offices or desk sharing environments. The modular structure of DESK can include the exact communications and power connections you require.




Desk 2 title

DESK 2 is a multiple socket outlet that can be populated with various communication modules. As the connections are screwed in, it’s very simple to change power + communication outlets. Secured to the desktop with aluminium brackets, DESK 2 is extremely durable & high quality.




Basic PDUs with without



inteligent PDUs


bluenet2 english



single & 3 phase splitters



acm ISO 9001 registered - UKAS




Bachmann power UK

CONI with UK sockets







straight PDU

  • Standard vertical and horizontal PDUs
  • Intelligent PDUs with metering
  • Intelligent PDUs with socket switching
  • Intelligent distributors for metering
  • Single phase & 3 phase
  • WiFi connectivity















Bachmann Top Frame UK

TOP FRAME with UK sockets