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FLO effortlessly combines sleek aesthetics with excellent functionality. The world’s market leader monitor arm is great for use in any office or workspace. Flo is a truly ergonomic product, the unique range of design features provide an unrivalled user-expereince that improves health & wellbeing while increasing work efficiency.




The reliability & adaptability of WISHBONE has made it a favourite among control rooms, trading floors & multimedia environments. The modular nature of the range ensures that users are easily able to configure, add to, & customise WISHBONE arms to suit their unique working environment.




The LAPTOP MOUNT provides an improved ergonomic solution for laptop users when office based. Removing the laptop from the desk creates additional space for other objects and the dynamic movement created by the LAPTOP MOUNT means the laptop screen can be easily raised to the correct height for the user.




CUBERT offers high efficiency, long life LED with a lifespan of 50,000 + hours & has four levels of touch – activated illumination.  The head is able to tilt + rotate to meet the user’s needs. Includes two mains sockets for laptops, smart phone, tablets etc & two high powered USB ports.



acm ISO 9001 registered - UKAS