24 hour control room chairs


There are job positions where operators alternate without interruptions, 24 hours a day. For locations such as airport control towers, emergency call centres, power plants, surveillance centres, these chairs have been developed with special characteristics to answer the needs of comfort, adaptability and endurance requested by these sensitive operations.

This line of 24 hour armchairs are built considering structural and technical standards of the highest levels and guarantee an optimal function even during prolonged use. All the components installed in these chairs offer comfort and an endurance superior to anything available in any standard office chair.

K14 – armchairs and chairs with 24-Hour features that ensure a high level of comfort to the end user. The best combination between the comfort of a classic office chair and the specific features of a 24 hour chair.

K24- 24-Hour armchair of excellent quality with unparalleled performance in terms of functionality, practicality and durability.
The frame design, deriving from the ‘automotive’ industry, makes them extremely sturdy and comfortable for extended use and easily adaptable to various sizes and ergonomic needs of end users.



This special version of the black dot swivel chair is particularly suitable for heavier people and also meets the high demands of use in 24 hour workplaces for examples, in control centres or reception areas.

Backrest: a 70mm or 100mm higher backrest, height-adjustable lumbar support

Mechanism: particularly large opening angle of 32 degrees, stronger springs for increased user weight and backrest pressure can be individually adjusted.

Sliding seat: reinforced seat upholstery with 60mm adjustment range (400 to 460mm)

Armrests: 3D adjustable armrests with Soft touch gel pad or leather covers.


Workstations which are used on a continuous basis, for example in control rooms, place extreme demands on office seating.
When developing the Mr 24 swivel chair, these demands became reality thanks to perfect ergonomics, exacting quality standards and maximum robustness. Mr. 24 is the perfect choice for use right round the clock.

The mechanism provides synchronous movement of the seat and backrest with the body, individually adjustable backrest pressure, perfectly balanced force distribution due to the use of the mechanical springing, and a particularly large opening angle of up to 32 degrees.
The Sedo-Lift mechanism provides excellent suspension and includes telescopic tube that protects against dirt particles.

Armrests: 3D adjustable armrests

Headrest: comfortable leather-covered headrest or easy-care multifunctional headrest

Lumbar support: Well shaped, height and depth adjustable lumbar support


Recaro Guard – the seat that adapts perfectly to the user. Ideal for round-the-clock use in control and monitoring rooms. People who have to sit for hours at a time by virtue of their work, yet also remain physically and mentally fit, put extremely high demands on their chairs.

Thanks to its intelligent design, this chair has the perfect ergonomic shape, can be adjusted in numerous ways and is thus especially comfortable. Another decisive factor here is the individually adjustable lumbar supports – RECARO Airmatic. The height and tilt adjustable headrests and the tilt adjustable backrest also contribute to the user’s wellbeing.

Additional benefits of the Recaro Guard include a tilt adjustable seat and a freely oscillating function that can be adjusted to the user’s body weight.

An especially stable pedestal prevents the chair from tipping over, even when the backrest is set at extreme angles of tilt


recaro base frame - Mayteck.co.uk


Extra strong mechanism individually adjustable between 80 & 200 kg






recaro head - mayteck.co.uk


  • Protective cover for headrest
  • Custom logo for headrest cover
  • Protective cover for seat
  • Protective cover for backrest
  • Protective cover for seat & backrest (leatherette/cloth)
  • ESD castors for hard or soft floors