Clean room and ESD chairs


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Our clean-room chairs are developed & produced in response to specific needs of protected production lines & research laboratories, where it is required to control the amount of polluting particles.
The clean-room chairs are offered either in resistant, non-slippery black ESD PVC with an internal foam that is high in density & highly flame retardant foam or in ESD Pu-Soft material.

Internally, the seat is in multi-layered beech wood, thus guaranteeing a solid and balanced support even in case the end user is using only the front of the seat. The chairs are available on two different polished aluminium bases, according to the clean-room class required.
The castors, when present, are offered with a soft rubber ring for a smooth rolling of the chair. On the most sophisticated models, the rubber seams seal perfectly the internal padding of the seat and the backrest, while a HEPA filter allows for the release of air from the seat yet controlling the particle emission. The lubrication system of the seat height adjustment piston (no oil-lick) avoids any potential release of grease from the piston steel column itself.

Everything has been developed in such detail to respond to international standards and reach the highest level of competitiveness in the market


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Speciality chairs & stools provided with standard accessories for use in clean-room environments up to Class 100. Particular care has been given to the technical details in order to guarantee an optimal functionality on special applications, such as controlled specialized laboratories. In order to guarantee the maximum comfort of the end user, these products are provided with modern mechanisms that meet the latest ergonomic criteria.

The HEPA filter with high filtration efficiency and the rubber seals, which reduce the emission of particles in the atmosphere as a result of compression of the padding. All chairs are manufactured in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1:2007 (Protection of Electronic Devices from Electrostatic Phenomena) and covered by our six year guarantee against structural faults in manufacture.


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