Industrial seating, stools and chairs

We feature a line of chairs, stools and standing-aid for production areas, warehouses and manual jobs in front of production machines. Their main feature is the curved five-star base that guarantees a safe balance and support with a limited surface. The line includes different types of chairs- upholstered, wood, pu-soft polyurethane and polypropylene- to meet the needs of production environments one different from another.
Each chair & stool are provided with quick and easy to operate adjustment devices. The standing-aid model is particularly suited to locations where operators must move frequently during production process, as it offers good support, which reduces fatigue, and promoting the almost upright position, which is necessary while operating in front of some equipment.


MT 02501 – adjustable in height & angle – net weight 15kg


MT 03021 – chrome footrest – height & angle adjustable

MT 00002 – made from beech wood – adjustable in height & depth


MT 80007 – adjustable in height & angle by gas spring















MT 11267 – seat angle adjustment – height & depth adjustable too


MT84036 – back vertically movable – adjustment in height & angle – light grey PU foam


MT 01121 – adjustment in height & angle – back vertically movable


MT 11361 – release-lock-function – ESD version – adjustable








MT 11201 - Saddle stool
540-680H Imitation leather



MT 11372 – seat angle _ height adjustable by gas spring – ESD version


MT 70001 – back vertically movable – adjustable in height & depth – ESD version




MT 09128 – Height adjustable 620-760mm


MT 09053 – Beech wood – height adjustable 420-550mm