MT Millar title

New to Mayteck is the MT Millar workstation. Using the latest technology & innovation, the MT Millar offers the perfect workstation in a unique control room environment. 




  • A modular table system with electric height adjustment
  • Height adjustable from 605 -1270 mm in 17 seconds
  • Depths of 800 mm and 1000 mm x Widths from 800 to 1800 mm
  • Supplied flat pack – assembly available
  • PU front soft profiled edge
  • Desk tops 25mm thick MDF with 2mm ABS side edges
  • Progressive movement for effortless motion
  • High quality rigid steel

The Cable management system flows from desk to floor inside its flexible retainer.

The large pull down cable tray is hinged under the desk for easy access and perfect for containing power strips, control modules for the electrical operation of the legs, and any additional electronic units and cables.

The cable management duct can be mounted on the left or right or even both sides of the desk depending where cables need to exit from so it’s completely custom to your needs.

Cable entry through a brushed cable entry set in to the desktop.


The control unit is powered by a 230V supply, to give electrical drive & operation unit.

As seen below, we can supple various control panels to suit price & setup. These are positioned just in from the front edge of the desk  either on the left or right side at your preference. The New Flap control (with and without LED height control) operated by a gentle tilt, can also be controlled by your phone. They come with Bluetooth® wireless technology, memory and reminder functions.




The controls offer modern intuitive design and a wide range of features like memory positions and display read-out. The range of Desk controls also includes motivational software and wellness switches.

PIEZO technology is integrated in the leg columns of each desk to help minimise the risk of material damages on/around the desk.

PIEZO is the name given to hardware based anti-collision technology. The PIEZO sensor is completely integrated in the column with no visible changes and no extra mounting. A hardware based anti-collision solution is more sensitive and works faster than a typical software solution.

The built-in PIEZO sensor feels for any obstruction when raising or lowering the desk, then halts and reverses to avoid collision.

The workstation desktop is available in the finishes below. We use a hardwearing laminate on a MDF inner core to give extra rigidity and wear resistance.

Colour swatches MT Millar V3


Other colours and materials are available.

Frame and metalwork are available in the above colours.

acm ISO 9001 registered - UKAS