elicon workstation

Mechanically Height-Adjustable Workstation for Laboratory & Assembly Areas

Ergocon Workstation
Ergocon Workstation

Classic for a reason.

With engineering workstations or electronic laboratories in mind, Elicon Classic offers a comprehensive product range optimal solutions for a customised, ergonomic and an efficient workstation.

Elicon Workstations

  • The modular design enables a wide variety if configuration and guarantees the highest degrees of flexibility
  • High quality materials with extruded aluminium profiles ensure a maximum degree of stability and sturdiness
  • Ergonomic details simplify daily work in various situations and environments 
  • A comprehensive range of accessories completes the Elicon workstation



Future-proof modular design

Expand your existing table combinations, modify your current installation or supplement it with new accessories. The modular design and multi-functional Tgrooves give you all the options for future upgrades.

Perfect Ergonomics

Freely selectable working height in 20 mm increments which can be changed retroactively.  Working surface depths from 700 mm to 1000 mm (in 100 mm increments) allow for custom room planning in accordance with your requirements.

Convenient Cable Management

Spacious horizontal cable ducts with convenient access from above via sliding sections. Routing through vertical cable troughs via detachable covers on the inside and outside of the side sections.

Providing Electricity

Cable troughs and crosspieces are equipped with a cap extrusion for easy mounting and attachment of socket strips and installation components. 


Flat packed kit

Preassembled modules are supplied as a flat-packed kit. This saves freight space and reduces time and space required for assembly

Maximum stability

More than 20 years of proven stability of Elicon extruded aluminum profiles and die-cast stabilizers in conjunction with sheet steel make this system a reliable and stable choice.

Ergocon workstation with 12 monitors
Ergocon workstation with multiple different sized monitors
Ergocon workstation with multiple different sized monitors