Mayteck supply a wide variety of industrial chairs and stools to accommodate all working conditions. Our control room chairs are developed for 24hr use and help promote better posture. We also stock ESD stools for clean rooms, research labs and production lines.

Recaro Guard 24 hour office chair


  • The Recaro Guard is a premium 24-hour chair complete with movable armrests and double chamber lumbar support.
  • This faux leather black chair has ergonomic padding and can be individually adjusted for the user’s weight, resulting in the ultimate comfortable seating experience.
  • Includes 5-year warranty
Sedus MR24 24 hour office chair


  • With 3D armrests, generous seat and backrest for maximum comfort, the Sedus MR24 is one of the best 24-hour chairs on the market.
  • This model includes a height and tilt adjustable headrest, a long backrest with integrated adjustable lumbar support, and a Sedo-Lift mechanism for the best cushioning.
  • Suitable up to 200KG
  • Includes 5-year warranty
RH Logic 400 24 hour office chair


  • The RH Logic is a fully adjustable chair – the seat height, back height, seat slide, lumbar support, head rest height and depth can all be tailored to suit the user’s specific needs.
  • Unique movement principle ensures optimum support and blood circulation during dynamic sitting.
  • With this chair customers also have the option of additional memory foam seat pads or coccyx cut out seat pads, giving users the benefit of an ergonomic 24 hour chair.
  • Includes 5-year warranty
KAB ACS Executive 24 hour premium office chair


  • The Secur24 has been developed to provide a high degree of comfort due to its extremely robust construction.
  • Ideal for environments where long periods of concentration is necessary.
  • Thanks to the steel construction, a hardened steel block and a tilting mechanism, these chairs are both high quality and heavy duty providing the greatest comfort.
  • Complies to BS5459 standard
  • Includes 5-year warranty
Sync 24 hour office chair


  • Includes ActivePlus mechanism which encourages active sitting with torsional spring.
  • Offers ComfortPlus cushioning which combines car seat comfort with ergonomically shaped cold foam.
  • Constructed from steel frame, gas spring and 6 legged aluminium base
  • Loadable up to 200kg with a seat base that can be tilted and locked at any angle
KAB controller 24 hour office chair


  • 6 legged star shape polished aluminium base
  • Large recline angle
  • Comfort plus cushioning (combines car seat comfort with ergonomically shaped cold foam)
  • Activeplus mechanism (encourages active sitting)
  • Backrest is steel frame adjustable up to 25 degrees
KAB controller 24 hour office chair


  • The KAB Controller is a heavy-duty control room chair, it can support users up to 200kg for 24-hour use.
  • It includes air lumbar support, controlled by an inflatable pump for lower back support.
  • With a comfortable leather headrest, contoured cushions, and tilt adjustable back and armrests, this chair is a 5-star seating experience.
  • Includes 5-year warranty
KAB controller 24 hour office chair


  • The KAB K4 is approved for  24-hour use
  • High weight capacity – 50 to 200kg
  • Seat cushion tilt adjuster (0 to 7.5 degrees upwards)
  • Seat cushion length adjustment (50mm)
  • Adjustable backrest recline
  • Air lumbar support
  • Tip-up comfort armrests
KAB ACS Executive 24 hour premium office chair


  • The KAB ACS Executive is a premium 24hr office chair
  • Provides superb user comfort with  air lumbar support, tip up comfort armrests and full back support to shoulder height.
  • Fully adjustable through gas assisted height adjustment, backrest angle adjustment, seat tilter with tension adjuster and robust steel frame.
  • High weight capacity of up to 200kg
Sync 24 hour office chair


  • A more cost effective and stylish option, the Sync is endorsed and approved by Chiropractors.
  • Accommodating to users of all sizes (up to 150KG), this heavy-duty chair comes with a lockable synchronised mechanism with weight tension control which is adjustable.
  • Can include an airmesh or leather seat and headrest
  • BS EN 5459 compliant and tested for Heavy Duty 24/7 contract use.
  • Includes 2-year warranty
Blackdot 24/7 24 hour office chair


  • One of our more popular designs, the BlackDot uses a Sedo-Lift mechanism and comes equipped with 3D soft touch armrests.
  • The backrest is built with a black net fabric and has a height adjustable lumbar support and head rest.
  • The chair seat has integrated sliding, a feature unique to this product.
  • Includes 5-year warranty

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