technical furniture

Mayteck supply the excellent range of Knurr/Vertiv technical furniture, including ergonomic workstation systems for control rooms, operation control centres and electronics labs.

The Ergocon control console


  • The Ultimate Ergonomic Control Console
  • Is electrically height adjustable
  • Includes optional electrically operated height and depth adjustment on monitors
  • Supplied in three variants of under-desk technology containment
  • This console has standard widths from 1600mm to 3600mm in curved or rectangular formats
  • We can also accommodate bespoke customer design requirements
The Dacobas Advanced control console


  • The Dacobas Advanced is a versatile, modular and future-proof solution for critical control rooms
  • The modular design allows a wide range of configurations and ensures maximum flexibility.
  • Constructed of extruded aluminium profile and steel, this design gives excellent computer containment for all requirements
  • Console profiles can be retrofitted and upgraded at any time to stay future proof
The Elicon VC/VC-E workstation


  • Elicon VC/VC-E offers an optimal solution for an ergonomic and efficient workspace.
  • Available in electronically adjustable (VC-E) and manual height adjustable (VC) formats that can be assembled alongside one another
  • Although modular in design, this workstation sits between the lab and the office for style and flexibility
  • Frame widths range from 1200 to 2000mm with depths of 800mm or 900mm
The Elicon workstation


  • Elicon is the optimally ergonomic and modular lab solution
  • Purely customisable with a variety of accessories and 19” rack containment
  • Multiple shelves can be added to offer instrument support
  • Spacious cable ducts contained in the vertical support legs
  • ESD versions available


The Dacobas workstation


  • The original Dacobas workstation offers a reliable high load rating with a strong steel frame and a postformed desktop
  • Perfect solution for office organisation and technical integration
  • The patented quick connect system guarantees simple and strong link-up of desk, cabinet and corner elements
  • ESD versions available
The Elicon monitor wall


  • The Elicon Video Monitor Wall is easy to set up and effortless to adjust
  • Stable with all sizes of monitors (from 55” upwards) and can be fitted above other elements such as cupboards and cabinets
  • There are two versions available – fixed standard height and electrically height adjustable
  • Being a modular format, widths can be varied to suit the requirement.
  • Three designs of foot are available depending where the wall will be situated