For a fully fitted workspace, Mayteck can supply a variety of accessories to seamlessly fit with any of our ergonomic workstations and control consoles. As always, we can offer a bespoke solution upon quotation.

High quality office cabinets


  • Storage space is crucial to any control room workspace, so all our cabinets are of the highest quality.
  • All cabinets are hard wearing, include ABS edge veneers all round and fixings for smooth sliding doors.
  • Locks can be fitted on necessary cabinets with an individual configurable locking system.
  • Height ranges from 712mm to 2064mm
  • Width can vary from 500mm to 1200mm
  • Depths are either 430mm or 650mm
Under desk mobile pedestal


  • Our robust under desk pedestals are an essential addition to any control room console.
  • It allows safe storage of business and private documents.
  • Available in ESD version
  • Height ranges from 515mm to 566mm
  • Width is 435mm
  • Depth can vary from 500mm-800mm
19-inch racks


  • For both our workstations and our carts, we can supply a wide range of 19” accessories to complete a fully bespoke solution.
  • Our 19” cabinets provide ergonomic locking lever for secure access control.
  • They can fit seamlessly into a Dacobas workstation or equally, they’re able to work as standalone units in any control room or lab environment.
  • Width: 570mm (600mm)
  • Depth: 870mm (900mm)
  • Height can vary from 1298mm – 2187mm
Workstation lighting


As part of a complete solution, Mayteck can supply lighting to your ergonomic workplace where it is needed to benefit the user for an efficient place to work. We use a three-tiered approach.


  1. For the desk, it’s vital to include space saving lighting solutions which can selectively brighten the area needed for the operator.
  2. On the workstation itself, overhead extension arms can be fitted of up to 500 lux to illuminate the workspace.
  3. Ceiling mounted lamps can be advantageous for an unobstructed illumination of the office and workstation when situated overhead.
Adjustable monitor arms


  • Monitors should always be easily adjustable towards the user, so we make sure our monitor arms can always achieve this.
  • We supply a large range of monitor mount designs and pole mounts to suit your requirements from 1-12+ monitors
  • With the mounting of monitor arms to a double functional cross rail, we can provide an electrically operated support for adjustment.
Workstation electronic control panels


  • Intelligent control for workstations in control rooms
  • Up to 1,000 users are able to log in to the console, via RFID card system, and store their own personal settings for seated position, standing position and monitor distance
  • Stored settings can be selected at any console networked to a user group (up to 48 different consoles are ready to be automatically adjusted)
  • This system can be retrofitted to all existing systems
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Professional Display Mounts


  • Left hand mount, right hand mount or dual mounting on vertical profile.
  • Width Adjustable 165 – 265mm
  •  Steel panel, anti static, powder coated structure.
  • Available in RAL 9006 White Aluminium
Workstation lighting


The technical container can be attached to the rear of and Elicon VC/E system table. It’s a great way to keep items such as computers, IT equipment, cables and 19″ equipment.

  • It includes removable perforated sheet metal cladding and cable entry options are situated on both sides for ease of access.
  • Cables can be fed from the raised floor into the container and via cable chains towards the working level for a truly tidy and organised way of working.
Workstation lighting


We offer a range of partition walls and acoustic paneling for control rooms and industrial offices.

  • Acoustic panels are great for absorbing sound in a busy or noisy environment.
  • They’re ultra light with a thickness of 40mm and fully upholstered in fabric.
Workstation lighting


Full-extension drawer for personal storage during shift work. We also offer a valuables locker cabinet to secure personal storage trays after working hours.

  • Robust metal trat and drawer with integraged front handle
  • During shift the tray is stored in the drawer and after work, it can be stored in the valuables locker cabinet.
  • The cabinet can be configurable and extendible for individual number of employees and tray size.
  • The cabinet is available with individually lockable compartments or pigeon holes.
Workstation lighting


Console pods are available for both modular front panels and 19″ front panels.

  • Front panel modules for installation of emergency switches, lamps, key-switches, display devices, telecom devices, microphones etc
  • Console pods are freely positionable on work surfaces and will be screw-fixed.
  • 19″ console pods include an inclined top, screw-fit to work surface, front panels fixed in 19″ insert frame.
Workstation lighting


Complete loudspeaker set includes either a 2 channel or 4 channel version with high quality metal housing.

  • Double jointed arms for individual and flexible mounting on the functional rail
  • Can be installed both vertically or horizontally
  • 5 metre supply cable per loudspeaker with open ends for flexible connection is included. 
Workstation lighting


All ranges of power distribution units available from Mayteck are tailored to suit your individual requirements. All units are available with different outlet units and various sizes, making all our solutions meet high technical standards with a functional design