All ranges of power distribution units available from Mayteck are tailored to suit your individual requirements. All units are available with different outlet units and various sizes, making all our solutions meet high technical standards with a functional design.

The Conference pdu (power distribution unit)


  • Our most advanced power solution, the CONFERENCE Power Unit has a cover that can be completely recessed, allowing power to be accessed from various sides.

  • Customisable to the highest degree, choose between a variety of colours, sizes and modules, including UK plug sockets and USB chargers.

The Coni pdu (power distribution unit)


  • CONI is a flexible power distribution solution, enabling access to power when needed and with an integrated brush insert for closing

  • This power unit is designed to be reconfigured multiple times to meet the demands of any situation, including UK plug sockets, USB port chargers and CAT6 sockets.

The Powerframe pdu (power distribution unit)


  • The POWER FRAME is the solution for easily accessible power connections on a workstation.

  • Our standard range comes complete with a built-in silver frame, 3 UK plug sockets, 1 USB double port charger and a 3-metre-long cable. Other variations of this product are available.

The Top Frame pdu (power distribution unit)


  • The balanced geometry of TOP FRAME allows this Power Unit to fit into the surface of any desktop and can be recessed so that the cover rests flush against the surface of the table.
  • Available with between 2-4 customisable connection modules and a variety of sized lids, the TOP FRAME is an elegant yet simple power solution.
The Elevator pdu (power distribution unit)


  • The ELEVATOR is the perfect power solution for small spaces with incredibly easy installation, making it suitable for retrofitting.

  • Available with UK plug sockets and 2 x USB charger, completed with a brushed aluminium top.

The Desk-1 pdu (power distribution unit)


  • Ideal for desk-sharing, DESK 1 is the solution for environments where connections need to be flexible.

  • This Power Units modular design can be outfitted with various different connection modules including UK plug sockets.

The Desk-2 pdu (power distribution unit)


  • DESK 2 is a power strip which can be equipped with a variety of communication modules.

  • With this Power Unit you have the choice of UK sockets, Double USB chargers, CAT6 coupling sockets, and HDMI keystone sockets, giving it flexible use in all types of offices.

Basic pdus (power distribution units) from Bachmann


  • An essential for any workplace setting, our basic PDUs from BACHMANN are highly reliable, multi-functional, and compact.

  • The design is 1 height unit, 47mm in depth and 19” in width. Made of high-quality aluminium, the PDUs can be easily integrated into your IT solution.