At Mayteck we have both the expertise and resources to perform comprehensive data centre tests. These services are available both pre-installation and to existing computer rooms, providing you with vital information on how efficiently your system works, and any improvements that could be made to achieve optimum efficiency.

Hotboxx-i testing equipment


  • The next generation of intelligent server emulators, Hotboxx-i offers the most accurate and reliable testing on the market.
  • By renting Hotboxx-i, you can obtain an accurate reading of power usage, temperature delta T and airflow within a data centre, ensuring the integrity of your data room infrastructure before committing to server installations.
  • The Hotboxx-i includes sophisticated controls allowing power switching between loads.

Our sister company designs and rents Hotboxx’s and Hotboxx-i internationally for data centre use.

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19 inch racks and cabinets


  • We supply standard and custom 19” products and cabinets for the datacentre and network industries.
  • The range varies from 12U under desk cabinets to larger options such as 1200mm server cabinets.