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Drawing design layouts

Mayteck can provide detailed component drawings to full assembly and electromechanical design.
For console layouts we supply renderings to give you an idea of the finished product within the room complete with all surroundings.
We can also provide electromechanical and thermal design services for VME & CPCI system platform chassis and for special cabinet configurations

For furniture and cabinets we have a installation team that can project manage the complete installation for you.
For custom chassis builds each system needs to satisfy its own specific requirements. With this in mind, there are a wide variety of components, which can be configured to individual customer requirements such as cabinets, subrack housings, backplanes and power supplies together with wiring, connectors and cooling, all are integrated and supplied as a complete solution.

Manufacturing title

Custom brackets, panels, chassis plates, support frames etc. In mild steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Products are manufactured via CNC punching and forming so as to maintain the repeatability and fine limit dimensional tolerances. Precision MIG & TIG welding and frame fabrication are also available, together with any protective or cosmetic finishes required.

acm ISO 9001 registered - UKAS