ERGOCON workstation

The Ultimate Electrically Height-Adjustable Ergonomic Control Console

Ergocon Workstation
Ergocon Workstation

The ultimate.

The new height-adjustable Ergocon console sets the standard for the most demanding 24-hour deployments in various types of control rooms and control suites


Ergocon Workstation

  • Electrically adjustable with the best possible ergonomics.
  • Using multi-dimensional setting options, the three following axes can be adjusted- workstation height, monitor height, and now with monitor depth (viewing distance).
  • Solutions for individual areas of application and perfect device integration from a wide variety of console models.
  • In combination with Knürr Ergocontrol, each user can have customised settings. This concept guarantees multi-user workstations


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Intelligent Cable Routing

Cables are routed in a roomy and hidden vertical support on the side of the table, accessible from both inside and out

High-Quality desk tops

  • Availble in rectangular and curved designs
  • Single-level or bi-level work surface
  • Framed by ergonimic and heavy-duty ErgoSoft edging

Modular console system

Choice between four different base frame widths (1400 mm/1800 mm/2200 mm/ 2×1400 mm for extra large consoles)

Standard compliance

DIN EN ISO 11064: Ergonomic design of control centres

DIN EN 527 defines workstation types with minium requirements for range of settings


Stability and design

Stable c-base frame for maximum legroom. Optional coloured decorative strips made of extruded aluminium for a personal touch

Modern Colours

Base frame in RAL 9006 White alumium. Tabletop, decorative strips, and wood trim on technology cabinet available in six different designs
Ergocon workstation with 12 monitors
Ergocon workstation with multiple different sized monitors
Ergocon workstation with multiple different sized monitors

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