All our consoles are tested at the highest level to make sure they meet the demand and requirements of a demanding 24 hour environment. If for some reason, there is an issue with a console then please follow the steps below:

How to perform a reset:

1. Hold DOWN button on desk panel to ensure the columns are retracted to their lower limit (whether it is the fully retracted hard stop or a configured lower limit).

2. Briefly release DOWN.

3. Press and hold DOWN for 5 seconds, wait until all desk movement has stopped, then release.

3.1. If initialisation is successful, columns will do a slight up/down “handshake” movement.

3.2. If you have a desk panel with display, E01 is displayed during this part of the procedure.

Basic Error Codes:

E01 – perform rest

E16 – Please turn power off and back on then perform reset

If you see another error code not mentioned above, please perform a reset.

If you experience any power disruptions or power failures to the control room, please perform a reset once power has been restored.

Please see below for more info on troubleshooting the console:

For the manufacturer manual please click below

If you would like to speak to someone, please contact us at [email protected]


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